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tec:con is your specialized partner you can rely on in all things Technical Writing, Translation, Software Localization, E-Publishing Solutions or traditional Print Publishing.

We support your in-house resources efficiently or, if so desired, take over all of your communication chores, allowing you to focus on your core business.

A team of highly qualified specialists with decades of experience in all fields of industrial technology is waiting to serve you exquisitely.

Looking for a partner who handles localization of your product manuals? Who does not only supply translations that are true to the word but also well-targeted at your clientele? At prices that are affordable and do not eat away your profit margins?

If you want ease of mind, rely on tec:con. We have all the know-how and experience to put your mind at ease. And as new publishing technologies emerge, count on us to grow with them.

And we are of course also ready to cater for other translation needs.

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Tel.: 05121 171940
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